What you have inside -
you show it how?
A so little time
and you're stuck in my mind
I tried to talk with you
to say something intelligent
but, you know, I am a stupid
you know, I am a baby
I am a cat
a black cat crying
by your side.

How many places have you seen?
With how many people
you talked before me?
And how many you will meet 
while I'm here
singing of you
my cartoon?

I have to say it
I am sad
I have to say it
so I can see it

And what I saw in you
- this I was watching
in silence
smoking a cigarette - 
it took my words away
and my breath too.
What I saw in you
is your huge pure spirit
walking in a noisy city
walking trough a small passageway
from the outside to the inside;
your foot always confident.
An now I'm here singing of you 
and thinking
Pourquoi? Pourquoi tu n'ai pas une parole pour moi? Où est ta communication? 

Crying as a child
I hope you miss me
and I know
that words are not for us.